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T.J. Trading - Home of the Snowbird Mat

T.J. Trading, Inc.'s Plastic Mats are made of 100% virgin polypropylene.


Hollow polypropylene tubes are woven together to form an attractive and durable mat. Cleaning is easy with just some water or a few sweeps from a broom. Mildew is never a problem because the woven construction allows the water to drain.


Each mat is light and can be folded into a very compact size for easy storage.

Animal Mats

Checker Mats

Camouflage Mats

Flower Mats


T.J. Trading - Our Snowbird mats feature pre-installed grommets.
T.J. Trading - Our Snowbird mats don't have stitching between panels.

Pre-Installed Grommets

No Stitching

Between Panels

T.J. Trading - Our Snowbird mats come with a carrying bag.

Carrying Bag

Geo Mats

Wave Mats

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